Monday, August 24, 2015

Troy Simmons and Consentino Celebrate ASID's 40th Anniversary

Troy Simmons' artwork created for the 40th Anniversary of ASID

FORT LAUDERDALE: Artist Troy Simmons unveiled a new collaboration piece with the Cosentino Group as the American Society of Interior Designers celebrated its 40th Anniversary.  Using a combination of his signature techniques mixed with Cosentino's new ultra compact material Dekton, Simmons created a sleek new work that exposes the beauty and flexibility of the material. .

 Simmons' collaboration piece with Cosentino's ultra compact material Dekton.
 The ASID Florida South Chapter gathered at the flagship Cosentino Showroom in Fort Lauderdale for the unveiling. The work was commissioned by the Cosentino Group as a statement piece for the ASID FSC Headquarters.

The event was a local celebration that coincided with the national gala held the week before in Boston where board members from the 48 chapters assembled. 

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