Thursday, June 9, 2016

Troy Simmons: Revisiting Brutalism at Artium Wynwood Gallery

 MIAMI, FL: Join us Thursday, June 9th for an intimate opening on the work of Miami Artist Troy Simmons. The VIP Opening "Revisiting Brutalisim" will take place at Artium-Miami Art Gallery/ 2248 NW 1st Place, Wynwood Art District. The space is dedicated to dissemination of contemporary art with a program of diversity and interest for local collectors.

Simmons latest works continues his exploration of urbanism and nature's persistence to coexist.  At first glance, the magnitude of his work is clearly realized. Most of his pieces weight over 100 pounds. A rough and raw relationship recently described by Luxe Interior & Design Magazine “as a cataclysmic illustration of urbanism.”
His massive, large-scale concrete canvases are a mix of aluminum, acrylic paints and raw concrete. Simmons work has been compared to the “Arte Povera genre” where the inclusion of simple, re-purposed material takes an integral part in the creation of the art. His pieces create a playful mix of hard and soft, revealing the hidden common ground between different entities and exposing the ideological perceptions of binary relationships.